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Frequently Asked Questions

Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

I was injured in a motorcycle accident, and the other driver is claiming it was my fault. What can I do?

Just because the other driver claims that you caused the accident, this does not mean it is so. In fact, we have even seen cases where our client thought that he or she was at fault when it turned out to be the fault of the other driver or perhaps an external influence. When you work with a Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyer at our firm, we will work to conduct a complete investigation into your case to determine exactly who should be held accountable.

What can I do if I lost a family member in a motorcycle accident?

If someone you love lost their life in a motorcycle accident, you may have grounds for a claim against the responsible party for their wrongful death. In addition to holding the responsible party fully accountable for their actions, you can seek financial compensation for medical bills, funeral costs and possibly more.

I was injured in a motorcycle accident because the road was defective. Do I have a case?

In California, you may be able to bring a claim against the local government or even the state for a dangerous condition on the property it owns or controls. For more information about defective roadways and your rights in a motorcycle accident, we recommend that you contact a Sacramento motorcycle accident attorney at our firm.

If I was not wearing a helmet and was injured in a motorcycle accident, can I still seek financial damages?

In California, motorcycle riders are required by law to wear helmets. However, if you were injured in a motorcycle accident that was not your fault and you were not wearing a helmet, you may still be able to recover financial damages for your injuries. There is a possibility that your financial recovery would be decreased for head injuries, but an attorney can talk to you about your particular case to see how this may affect you.

Can I file a motorcycle accident claim if I was injured because my bike was defective?

Yes. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident that was caused by a defect on your motorcycle, you may have grounds for a claim or lawsuit against the manufacturer. A lawyer can work to determine exactly what party or parties should be held accountable in a case of this kind.

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Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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